About Us


LINKEYCON is a leading aluminum electrolytic capacitor solution provider which rebuilt from Shenzhen Wangxing Electronics Co., Ltd. under the overall framework of innovation-driven & alternative imported materials, and the national 2025 intelligent manufacturing.

Invest in world-class R&D forces, based on refined system quality control system; take first-class international brand building as its own responsibility; take scientific management mode as its purpose for corporate governance.

LINKEYCON insists in the customer-oriented, win-win mindset, advocates a partner culture of “mutual achievement”, and advances with the talent concept of “struggle-oriented”.

The company currently employs 185 people, including 2 doctors, 3 masters, 13 undergraduates, and 2 foreigners. The total assets exceed RMB 200M .
There are two manufacturing bases nationwide, namely Dongguan, Guangdong and Susong, Anhui.

Our products are widely used in air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers, water heaters, rice cookers, magnetic stoves, electric tools, lighting, industrial power supplies, etc.

Company Culture and Values


The value of the company’s existence is to provide customers with cost-effective products and innovative value creation, so that our partners can continue to develop, and our own employees and families can be happy. All of this depends on our organization’s optimization and continuous competition. Force building


Be meticulous, keep improving, focus on repetition

Team Spirit

The principle of wooden barrels, the story of chopsticks, the rationale of the
team, family and everyone

Partnership Culture

Entrust and achieve each other

Company Culture

Take the struggling as the foundation, and take the mid- to long-term struggling as the foundation

Strugglers can create tangible value for the enterprises and customers he serves. Through their own hard work and dedication, the struggling person can enhance the individual’s comprehensive ability and be able to achieve personal achievement. People who can make a certain contribution to the advancement of the whole society, and at the same time will definitely make outstanding contributions to their fields and industries and are respected by the society

Aims drive Excellence

Actively demand oneself, dare to demand others, consciously accept demand

Professional and Strengthes

Use our expertise to gain customer recognition, and use the company’s comprehensive strength to create a win-win situation

Organization Chart (Chinese Only)

Manufacturing Facilities

Pre-Assembly workshop

Assembly workshop

Pre-Ordering workshop

Aging workshop

Winding workshop

Quality Test workshop


Intelligent Aging workshop