Linkeycon Electronic Technology Co.,ltd

Our company has the international first-class technical research and development team. Our self-developed ability has reached the international advanced level, like in the field of High temperature resistance, high ripple, long life, high frequency low resistance, flame retardance, shrinkag and so on. Our company invests a lot every year for the research and development of new products and new technologies. We are constantly focusing on new materials and new design applications, and is always at the forefront of research and development of high performance capacitors.

Our company implementing structured quality guarantee system and process, in each level to effectively control the product quality and performance, including the quality assurance system, advanced ERP system, effective communication, etc.our Company can reach or exceed the standards of all relevant environmental laws and regulations. Before making any decision or take any action, giving priority to environmental problems, environmental impact assessment. The employees training and education, enhance environmental protection consciousness, encouraging its actively comply with the environmental policy. Reduce the waste and resources (water, electricity and other) using optimization, raw material use efficiency, and promote recycling.

Our company actively promotes the internationalization development strategy and we have established close cooperation with many well-known international manufacturers. Now we set up overseas branches in India, expand the international market, gradually improve the brand, market, team, technology, management to meet the international standard.

Linkeycon is aim to be the best electrolytic capacitor manufacturer in China, and promote development through reform and innovation. Looking forward to the Future, our company will seize the opportunity to create our own product, accelerate internationalization process, achieve economies of scale and leapfrog development. We will become the  China’s electrolytic capacitors manufacturing enterprises, which with world competitiveness and international reputation, and realize the excellent aluminum electrolytic capacitor enterprise in China.