Comprehensive Quality Control System

As a manufacturer of electronic components, LINKEYCON insists in the high quality standard, providing the customers high satisfactory, reliable products and services. In order to achieve 100% passing rate and 100% customer satisfaction rate, we commit:

1. Insist in science and technology as the driving force, quality is the life of an enterprise, quality is the benefit of the enterprise, quality is the driving force for the development of the enterprise, and survival is based on quality.
2. Insist in the concept that products are designed and manufactured. From product development, design, production to sales and service, all departments and all employees participate in the quality controlling, perform their respective responsibilities, and ensure product quality.
3. Make good use of the quality management tools led by statistics, and improve quality through continuous optimisations and improvements.

2021 Quality Aims

The first pass rate of finished products is equal to or greater than 95%

Customer satisfaction is equal to or greater than 90%

Monthly customer complaints equal to or less than 2

Creation of Quality and Technical Know-how

Highly satisfied customers with "Zero defect" products

Pre-planning of product quality


No input, no production, no flow out system

Product Basic Quality System

Keep improvement

PDCA cycle, SDCA cycle

Management and execution

Full participation


Reliability Test Facilities

LCR capacitance tester

Leakage current tester


Multi-channel TV tester


DC power supply

Low frequency ripple tester

High frequency ripple tester


Blast drying box machine


Salt spray test machine


Thermal shock test machine


X-ray machine


High temperature and humidity testing machine