R & D team

R&D Team Introduction

Director of the Joint Laboratory-Professor Xu Youlong (The 2nd from left)

Consultant- Mr. Chen Yongzhen (1st from right)

  • LINKEYCON is a leading aluminum electrolytic capacitor solution provider rebuilt from Shenzhen Wangxing Electronics Co., Ltd. under the overall framework of innovation-driven & alternative imported materials, and the national 2025 intelligent manufacturing;
  • The company is based on the investment of world-class R&D forces and refined system quality, takes the construction of a first-class international brand as its own responsibility, and conducts corporate governance with a scientific management model;
  • In terms of customer base, product structure, and supplier strategies, LINKEYCON is one of the leaders; LLINKEYCON adheres to the customer-oriented and win-win thinking, and advocates partners who “achieve each other’s achievements”. Culture, advance with the talent concept of “struggle-oriented”.
  • The company currently employs 185 people, including 2 doctors, 3 masters, 13 undergraduates, and 2 foreigners, with total assets exceeding RMB 2M;
  • There are two manufacturing bases nationwide, namely Dongguan, Guangdong and Susong, Anhui.
  • Our products are widely used in air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers, water heaters, rice cookers, magnetic stoves, electric tools, lighting, industrial power supplies, etc.

Our Core Competences

Material Research

Prof. Xu Youlong led by 15 patents; 50 + SCI papers and new materials research and development engineer (MSc) capacitance; 10 years of research experience many advanced materials production and R&D network

Application Research

Professor Chen
Yongzhen led
high-efficiency power
Editor of 16 books for colleges;
Advanced application research engineer

Process Search

22 years of experience in manufacturing and equipment management in Taiwanese enterprises; Continue to learn from Japanese companies in manufacturing processes, and the management of Taiwanese enterprises.

Equipment Research

10 years of experience, equipment research engineer, Minimised downtime; Keep improving stability and accuracy, Move to automation

Product Research

Jointly develop new projects with high-demand customers such as Huawei and Midea, Closed partnership cooperation and achieve win-win.

University Joint Laboratory

Director of Joint Laboratory

Professor Xu Youlong

  • Male, Ph.D., second-level professor and doctoral supervisor of Xi’an Jiaotong University, director of the Department of Electronic Science and Technology, director of the Institute of Advanced Energy Storage Electronic Materials and Devices, director of the Engineering Research Center for Advanced Energy Storage Electronic Materials and Devices of Shaanxi Province, Chinese Institute of Electronics Fellow, Vice Chairman of the Electronic Materials and Devices Professional Committee of the Chinese Institute of Electronics, Chairman of the Electrolytic Capacitor Professional Technical Committee of the Capacitor Branch of the China Electronic Components Industry Association, Standing Director of the Shaanxi Institute of Electronics and Chairman of the Electronic Materials and Devices Professional Committee, Xi’an Nano Chairman of the Society of Science and Technology.
  • He was selected as a national candidate for the “New Century Talents Project”, an expert who enjoys special government allowances from the State Council, and won the first Young Teacher Award from the Ministry of Education, an expert with outstanding contributions in Shaanxi Province, and a famous teaching teacher in Shaanxi Province.


Professor Chen Yongzhen

  • Male, professor and doctoral supervisor of Liaoning University of Technology, School of Electronics and Information Engineering, director of China Power Supply Society, standing director of China Power Supply Society, director of China Electrotechnical Society Power Electronics Society, vice chairman of Expert Working Committee of China Power Supply Society;
  • Academic Achievements: Published 16 academic monographs and published more than 30 academic papers. From 2003 to 2005, he participated in the national “863” plan electric vehicle major special project “Jiefang brand hybrid city bus super capacitor” person in charge.
  • Awards:
    In 2000, won the third prize of Liaoning Province Teaching Achievement Award (second person) , in 2005 or the third prize of Liaoning Province Teaching Achievement Award (first person), the monograph “Capacitor Manual” won the Liaoning Province Academic Achievement Award

Product Development Strategies

Thanks for IT technology and the advanced management system of consumer electronics to reconstruct the management system of the capacitor industry

Wide Temperature Resistance

• Materials with excellent thermal stability
• Materials with excellent low-temperature properties


• High corrosion rate/high dielectric constant composite anode foil,
• High precision winding and sealing equipment

Low Impedance

• Low-impedance composite electrolytic paper,
• High-conductivity composite electrolyte (especially to increase electronic conductivity)

Long Life-time

• Aluminum foil with strong hydration resistance
• Low-viscosity electrolyte
• Electrolytic paper with good moisture retention
• Improved process control

Product Application

Typical SWPS loop

Development Direction

Input filter loop:

  • FILM CAP is generally used at A&B
  • ALU CAP with small size, high capacity, high temperature resistance, high pressure resistance and high ripple resistance should be used at C


Output filter circuit: ALU CAP with high frequency and low resistance, high/low temperature resistance, and high ripple resistance is used at D

Control circuit: It is recommended to use long-life ALU CAP

Patents / Certificates